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My name is Ling Yoong and I am a medical doctor based in Australia.

I integrate Alternative Medicine and Orthodox Western Medicine in my practice.

My work takes me around the world where I help my expat patients as well as the local communities where I’m at.

I have worked in London, Beijing, Almaty in Kazakhstan, Baku in Azerbajian, Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean Territories, Nauru-the smallest independent country in the Pacific Ocean, as well as on the Island of Manus in Papua New Guinea

I have always used an Olympus Tough point and shoot  camera till my Zambia trip

My husband bought me a CANON 5 D 111,  and discovered that I have an eye for nature and things around me.

This is my journey, my life’s little moments.

Enjoy and share my joy

And may you find your life’s little moments too…


Ling Yoong

July 2013

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